Better shoes,
Better way

Finer materials. Finer feels.
Without the traditional markups you are used to.

How often do you really know what leather your shoe is made from or whether it’s leather at all? How often have you wondered why they look good but don’t feel great? And why does good quality cost the amount it does?

The footwear industry is a murky one. Relying on us not being able to see the difference between synthetic and true Italian leather feels, or not questioning why the $500 shoe costs more.

Shoes today have either become too cheap, trendy and disposable, or too damn expensive. With the middlemen, retail costs and glossy ads adding 8 times to the cost of the shoe.

We’ve been crafting for them since 1969

Our grandfather set up the factory in Bombay, back in 1969. Since then we’ve been crafting
for some of the finest brands all across the world. We’re the third generation who decided
to continue the legacy, with Baron&Bay.


Direct and Online

Designer brands spend only 12.5% of the selling price on the actual making of the shoe. The rest 87.5% is added because of Middlemen. Retail store costs. Glossy ads. At BARON&BAY, we decided to do direct and online, so what you actually pay for is more premium materials, more meticulous craft and less rubbish.


Finer Materials. Finer Feels

We are obsessed with fine leathers. They make us look good and most importantly feel better. That's why we take endless trips across the world to handpick leathers for both the inside and the outside of the shoe. Like our Mold-to-your-foot Italian Nappa, Cashmere Nubuck, Argentinian soles that go on the inside and the outside of our shoes.


Crafted for Relaxed Living

At Baron&Bay, we’re not big on trends. We want you to feel great and wear our shoes for years to come. That’s why we keep styles relaxed, timeless and versatile, taking 26 steps to craft a shoe, just like our grandfather used to.

Meet the Modern Loafer family